Sam Kellett Jr., the founder and CEO of Aware, and his family have been owners of SNF businesses for over 50 years, and they understand the need for continuously monitoring patients. The Aware team has created eight different FDA Approved medical devices, has been working with body-worn sensors for over ten years, and has substantial B2B SaaS experience. The Aware team is partnering with the largest physician practice groups and SNF companies in the U.S. to roll-out the Aware solution nationwide.

The Aware team has accomplished the following:

  • Invented radial illumination
  • Invented a 3D ear scanner which is now the industry standard for the global hearing aid industry
  • Invented the first custom biometric hearable
  • Aware is the first company in the world to create a wireless, custom in-ear device that captured EEG data, including a focal aware seizure, as validated by a patient’s intracranial monitoring in a funded IRB by Takeda and Emory University Brain Center
Aware Timeline